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What Gives Weed Its Flavour?

What Gives Weed its Flavour? Let’s Find Out!

Lemon Haze

Review Simba Seeds Lemon Haze!

420 All Month Long!

420 ALL MONTH LONG! Buy 3 And Get 1 Free!

Dose Your Homemade Edible

How To Dose Your Homemade Edible Correctly

How To Make Rosin Or Dab

How To Make Rosin or Dab!

The Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Summer

Grow Accessories

5 Grow Accessories You Must Have For Cultivating Cannabis

How Much Weed Can You Get From Growing One Plant?

How much weed can you get from growing one plant?

Top Nutrients

Top Nutrients to Get Big Juicy Buds This Outdoor Season

Ceramic And Glass Bongs

Ceramic or Glass Bongs: What’s the difference?

The Top 5 Cannabis Strains to Smoke While Watching a Movie! And Not!

Best Weed Strains South Africa Has to Offer And What’s Hot!

Transplant Cannabis

How and when to transplant cannabis plants


The best cannabis strains for sleep and insomnia

Cannabis Destinations

Here are our top cannabis destinations and why!


How micro-dosing cannabis can help working from home!


Troubleshooting common cannabis plant problems

Clone It! Again And Again!

Here’s how you can clone cannabis plants!

Cannabis Soil

Picking the right cannabis soil!

5 Easiest Cannabis Strains to Grow!

Grow Cannabis How You Want

How to grow marijuana using hydroponics, aeroponics or aquaponics

Germinating Seeds

How to germinate your cannabis seeds!

Right Cannabis Strain

Picking the right cannabis strain for your grow!

Picking The Right Strains

Picking the right cannabis strain for your grow with President Seeds!

Cannabis Grow

Tips for the cannabis outdoor grow season ahead!

Preparing Your Marijuana Grow Space

Preparing your cannabis grow space

Winter Grow

Growing Cannabis Outdoor in South Africa’s Winter

Prepping for the cannabis grow season ahead!


Nutrients – When to Use Them With Cannabis!

Pot Or Soil

Pots or Soil! How should you plant your cannabis?

Craft Soil

Top Craft Soil Brands in South Africa!

Bred, Not Genetically Modified - Why That Matters!

Cannabis Seeds Are Breed Not Genetically Modified – Here’s Why it Matters!

Looking at OG Kush’s Genes! Learn about them here!

OG Bob's Genes

OG Bob’s Genes! What you need to know!

President 47's Genes

President 47’s genes – where do they come from?

Reviewing Gelato Bein Laden

Reviewing Gelato bin Laden! Who is this lady of mystery?

Iron Lady Genes

The Iron Lady’s Genes!

The Royal Wedding Cake's Genes

What’s In The Royal Wedding Cake’s Genes?

Queen Of Sheba's Genetics

Let’s Talk About Queen of Sheba’s Genetics

Purple Merkel's Genes!

Let’s talk about the ruler of the European Union Purple Merkel’s Genes!

Critical Churchill Genes

Critical Churchill’s Genes! What Are They?

Outdoor Cannabis

The Best South African Outdoor Cannabis Strains!

Drying and Curing Your Cannabis

Gorilla Kim's Genes

Let’s Talk About Our Supreme Leader’s Gorilla Kim’s Genes!

Laidback Lincoln's Genes

Let’s get chilled by learning about Laidback Lincoln’s Genes

Putin's Punch Genetics

Putin’s Punch Genetics! What is it made of?

World War 3 Genes

World War 3 Genes! What you need to know!

Trump's Cookie Jar Genes

What Do Trump’s Cookie Jar Genes Mean To You?

Top 5 Autoflowers For A Short Grow Period

Top Autoflowers for a short grow period

Grow Shop Cape Town

Best Grow Shops In Cape Town!

Autoflowering Seeds

How to get the most out of your autoflowering seeds!

Cannabis Growing In South Africa

Cape Town vs Joburg vs Durban Cannabis Growing

Know When To Harvest

Know When To Harvest Cannabis In South Africa

Cannabis Anatomy

Cannabis Plant’s Anatomy!

Christmas Gifts

Top Christmas Gifts For Cannabis Growers/Fans!

South African Indica Cannabis Seeds For Sale!

Our Top Five Cannabis Indica Seeds

Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds!

Our Fastest Flowering Cannabis Seeds!

Sprouting Cannabis Seeds

Sprouting Cannabis Seeds! It’s An Art.

Sativa Seeds_South Africa_Buy_Purchase_Cannabis

Our Top Four Cannabis Sativa Seeds!

More About SCROG!

More About The SCROG Techniques

Eat Cannabis Seeds

Yes – You Should Eat Raw Cannabis Seeds! Here’s Why!

How To Water Your Cannabis

How To Water Your Cannabis Plant Properly

Cannabis Nutrients

Let’s Talk About Nutrients In The Cannabis Growing World!

How To Sober Up When You're Too High

How To Sober Up From Being Too High


Growing Cannabis With The Screen of Green Method (SCROG).

Healthy Roots

Here’s how to ensure your cannabis has healthy roots!

The South African Cannabis Outdoor Growing Season Checklist

Putin’s Punch review

Trump's Cookie Jar Genes

Trump’s Cookie Jar Review!

Gelato bin Laden Review!

President Seed’s Sponsors South Africa’s Greatest Cannabis Growing Competition!

Outdoor Cannabis Close To Harvest

What To Look Out For When Harvesting Your Cannabis in South Africa

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