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Growing Cannabis With The Screen of Green Method (SCROG).

Even those who’ve not grown their own cannabis can say they’ve seen crops covered by a plastic rope netting. This is the SCReen Of Green growing method (SCROG).

If done correctly, indoor or outdoor, it can promise better quality bud and increased yields.

Two factors that drive cannabis horticulturists.

It also promises:

  • Better light exposure;
  • Aeration;
  • As well as maximising space!

But what is SCROG?


What is SCROG?

Naturally, cannabis will grow into a tall and skinny plant. SCROG is all about stunting this upwards growth and spreading the branches wider.

This flattening of the plant allows the marijuana enthusiast to take individual branches and direct their growth through the grid. Which gives buds more space and direct exposure to light.

Also, you get better ventilation under the plant.

At the end of the day, the result is a flat bush.

Now, what will you need for this endeavour?


Gardening by SCROG

We’d firstly recommend buying seeds from a seed bank that offers good genetics.

Sativas are generally lankier and taller, which for SCROG growing is good, as you want to be able to weave the branches.

You can use Indicas, but they are bushier already.

Then, make sure to match strains and genetics if you are planning on growing a few plants. An even growing crop is what you’re looking for, as it will make tending to the plants easier.

The shopping list can vary depending on whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors.

The SCROG Shopping list is as follows:

Now we’re ready to talk about cultivating.


SCROG is all about pruning.

As a rule of thumb, keeping your plant in a single spot makes it easier to SCROG.

After a few weeks into the seedling stage, your plant will start its vegetative phase. When it develops its fifth node (where the branch and main stem meet), you’ll need to chop off the main stem above this point.

Make sure to use a clean pair of thinning shears. By doing this dramatic trimming, the plant will have to divert its energy into its branches.

Now, comes the time to set up the screen. Make sure that you position it around 20 – 40cm above the plant. This height varies by the strain of cannabis you’ve selected to grow.

Use cable ties to secure the grid.

Now comes the time to weave your branches. Marijuana does not creep like a vine, thus the grid. When weaving the branches make sure you’re gentle.

Breaking them will stunt the growth of the branch. At the same time, you want to ensure there’s enough space between the branches for the flowers.

You really want to make sure a single branch has its own square.

This also ensures no overshadowing.

Pruning is a constant activity when using SCROG. Remove all the branches below the fifth node branch. Once again, you’re forcing energy into a single branch set.

And finally, if you must know, this entire process will put your plants under a massive amount of stress.

Make sure to water them after every weaving session, only water if the topsoil is completely dry, and keep them well fed.


While there are other more specialist SCROG techniques, we believe that deserves its own specialist blog.

And as always, happy growing!

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