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Dose Your Homemade Edible

How To Dose Your Homemade Edible Correctly

While most assume just chopping cannabis or eating the flower off the plant will get you high this isn’t the case. Actually it’s difficult to gauge how to dose your homemade edible.

This being said, it’s not impossible to learn! And if you’re wanting to consume your own supply – you want to do it right!

Let’s talk about decarboxylation.


THC is not organically present in your plant’s flower, it’s actually THCA that changes to THC when it is heated and undergoes a process called decarboxylation, which is the science way of saying, “it changes”.

You need to take your flower through the decarboxylation process so the newly transformed THC can cling to the edible elements. THC bonds nicely to fats, that’s why it’s often added to butter and coco butter.

To start the decarboxylation process you can slowly bake your bud in an oven at around 120°C for 60 minutes. You can also cook it in a frying pan. Make sure it is a low heat, otherwise you’ll burn the THC out of the flower. After the cooking period you can sprinkle this flower into your recipe. Or if you’re not into bits in your food, infuse it with an oil.

Now, let’s talk about how to gauge the dose of your homemade edible.

How to Dose Your Homemade Edible

If you’ve been following our friends at Zootly you know edibles can be tasty!

But calculating how much to dose can be tricky. Remember more THC is not always better, especially with cannabis edibles. And when it enters the bloodstream it can get very overwhelming.

To figure out the dosage, multiply the percentage of THC by 1000. This should give you mg of THC per gram of flower. Once this is calculated this you can multiply the number of grams to get the overall amount of THC in your recipe.

Here’s an example of how this works:

  • 1000 x .20 (20% THC) = 200 mg per gram of flower
  • 200 x 3.5 grams – 700 mg in 1 cup of infused butter
  • If your recipe requires a half a cup of butter, the total batch of brownies will have a total 350 mg THC
  • And to work out per slice divide it by the number of brownies, so let’s say 20 brownies
  • Each brownie has 17.5 mg of THC per brownie.

Your tolerance to THC will determine the dosage.

There’s no real scientific research behind how much you should digest. We can only highly recommend starting small and working your way up.

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