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President Seeds prides itself on being able to provide quality seed strains. To clarify, supplying seeds that guarantee that the plants you’ll be nurturing and growing will make you proud.

After all, you’re going to be putting your heart and soul into these amazing plants. 

Best International Strains

President Seeds can promise that when you germinate one of our seeds, they’ll grow into a healthy and beautiful plant.

We can make these promises because we’ve established solid relationships with the best cannabis breeders in Europe, US and Africa.

These breeders use European, US, and African genetics that deliver the highest quality seeds.

It should go without saying, but living in the modern cannabis world means that for the first time ever there is a legal international community of like-minded individuals.

To address those who argue that buying seeds is an unnecessary expense, all we can say is:

“We’ve priced them competitively across all international markets.”

Also, ensuring that you have the best seeds means that you know that the investment isn’t wasted. After all, you’ve put your money into buying the best equipment, growing medium, and smoking paraphernalia, do you really want to use all that gear to grow to “basic grass”?

Arguably, there’s nothing worse than harvesting a poor quality crop. That’s why we promise only the best. 

President Seeds Has Personality 

We understand that every strain of marijuana has its own distinct characteristics. These traits vary at every stage of the plant’s life, and between strains.

Luckily for you, as all our seeds come from well-established breeders, these stages are all very well documented. 

Recently, we collaborated with The Haze Club to detail these stages for you, the home grower. If you have any questions for us you can always drop us an email

Also, all our strains have voices of their own on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

We’re All About Making You Proud  

In conclusion, we want to make sure you get the best seeds. Like building a house, you need a solid foundation. 

That’s where our international experience and connections help. As you get the best international seeds. 

No matter what level grower you are, if you’re sowing President Seeds, you’re bound to be growing a crop you’ll be proud of – forever.  



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