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President Seeds prides itself in having long established relationships with the best cannabis breeders in Europe, US, and Africa.

Using European, US, and African genetics we deliver the highest quality seeds at reasonable prices.

Welcome to President Seeds!

We pride ourselves on providing seeds that will make you proud. After all, you pour your heart and soul into every cannabis grow you do.

It’s this passion of marijuana growers from across the globe that drives us to sell the best seeds in the industry.

All our strains are named after global leaders as we believe your cannabis seeds are just the best in the world. Just like some of our strains, namesakes would also say. Looking at President Seeds’ Trump’s Cookie Jar!

Does President Seeds stock other breeders?

Yes, we do!

We stock other seeds from other banks/breeders, namely Simba Seeds. Which offers more affordable strains for growers on a budget. In their line-up are some truly iconic strains.

Like, Durban Poison, Amnesia Haze, Big Haze, Critical and Lemon Haze to name a few.

If you’re looking for seeds that will deliver a crop you can be proud of, look no further than President Seeds.

And for those looking for growing equipment, check out our favourite grow shop – here.

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