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Simba Seeds Super Skunk – Feminized


This is a strain that took a 90s legend and elevated it to a new level. A true international varietal, it takes the best traits from Skunk No 1. and Afghani. What you get is a strain that produces dense, thick buds.

We believe that this strain has a definite spot in your pride.

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Simba Seeds’ Super Skunk Genetics

A predominantly indica hybrid, Super Skunk is crossbred from Skunk No 1. and Afghani. The breeder says that this is their first breeding project that uses Afghani roots.

The THC is high at 19%, and also has above normal CBD levels. It is highly recommended for those with medical conditions due to these two factors.

Simba Seeds’ Super Skunk Grow Time

Not the fastest grower with a flowering period around 8-9 weeks.

Even with little growing experience expect a large yield. And if you are based in a Mediterranean climate, this girl will grow to the size of a small tree during the outdoor summer season.

For those looking at taking cannabis growing more seriously, this is the seed for you.

Simba Seeds’ Super Skunk Taste and High

As the name suggests this is an extremely pungent, dank smelling bud. There are some sources that report the smell reminds them of ammonia, then again others say it’s closer to pomegranate or cranberry.

We honestly believe you should make your own mind up and tell us what you smell.

But everyone can agree it has a sweet and fruity taste, which is attributed to the Afghan lineage.

The high is described as a body-buzz, and it’s also good for medical use combining a blend of upliftment and relaxation. Also, there’s just a little dash of a euphoric lift due to the sativa content.

For those looking to get started in professional cannabis growing, this is the strain for you.

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