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ETHOS Genetics

ETHOS Genetics are legends in the game! And every major cannabis publication has written about these guys.

From High Times, Blunt Talks, 303 Magazine, and the Adam Dunn show.

The Canadians are changing the culture in the cannabis industry. ETHOS Genetics takes the marijuana lifestyle very seriously. This seriousness is evident in the best scientific research, data capturing, best practices the ETHOS team is able to make effective combinations of strains.

And the results speak for themselves as they’ve produced some amazing winning strains over the years.

These strains include:

Banana Daddy!

This is a vigorous, medium-height plant with chunky, juicy, and terpy flowers. Also, she’s fast and stacks well. And the high has been described as a body relaxing but focused effect and euphoric!

You can pick them up as autoflower and feminized!

Mandarin Sunset

A cultivar known for her extremely unique, pungent flavour, and heavy sedative Indica high.

Rich mandarin orange and skunk terpenes have led this lady to multiple concentrate awards.

Medium stretch and great calyx to leaf ratio make Mandarin Sunset easy to grow and will bring good yields of amazing flower for decades to come.

Read more, here!

Pina Auto

A fairly large plant with a great stretch and stack. The longer nodes and vigour are an obvious influence from the Peach OG, but she’s quick to flower and finish.

Medium-sized nugs that stack deep.

Read more, here!

More ETHOS Genetics Strain

There are in total 13 strains on offer! And we think you should BUY THEM ALL!

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