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Simba Seeds offers all growers the opportunity to purchase premium strains that are guaranteed to deliver a fantastic crop!

There’s honestly a strain for everyone! We stock all the classics that you know, like White Widow, Super Skunk, and Durban Poison to name a few.

With strong genetics you can be sure that your plant will grow up to be big and strong.

Let’s breakdown what’s on offer from this affordable marijuana seed bank!

Amnesia Haze, available in autoflowering and feminized strains!

An international strain, Amnesia Haze has been around for a number of years, and is a cannabis fan favourite. Now, it’s here for you to appreciate while taking in a sunset over a beautiful vista.

Big Bud, available in autoflowering and feminized strains!

If there’s a strain with a story that embodies the international cannabis market, it’s Big Bud. Originally it was bred in the USA during the 80s, but due to the War on Drugs, it was smuggled out of the country in clone form to the Netherlands.

Critical, available in autoflowering and feminized strains!

For those looking at ensuring they reap a large and quick crop, Simba Seeds’ Critical is for you.

Developed for marijuana growers who wanted an all-rounder of a plant, this strain promises large yields, loads of flavour, easy growing, and is climate compatible with most environments.

Durban Poison, available as a feminized strain!

A pure Sativa, this South African landrace strain is known and loved by cannabis enthusiasts from around the world.

Often referred to as the espresso of the marijuana world, it is a powerful psychoactive strain that is perfect for a wake and bake.

Lemon Haze, available as a feminized strain!

Characterised by its citrus smelling bud, the flower is yellow with amber hairs on the trichomes, giving it a yellow tint. Thus, why it’s called Lemon Haze.

It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is highly psychoactive. If you are a fruit fan, this is the strain for you.

Super Skunk, available in autoflowering and feminized strains!

This is a strain that took a 90s legend and elevated it to a new level. A true international varietal, it takes the best traits from Skunk No 1. and Afghani. What you get is a strain that produces dense, thick buds.

We believe that this strain has a definite spot in your pride.

White Widow, available in autoflowering and feminized strains!

This is the Amsterdam coffeehouse classic, something the Dutch are truly proud to call their own. White Widow, the crystal resin legend known around the cannabis globe.

We know you’ve heard about it, but now you can actually get some of its off-the-charts resin buds stuck to your own hand.

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