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420 All Month Long!

420 ALL MONTH LONG! Buy 3 And Get 1 Free!

It’s 420 ALL MONTH LONG here at President Seeds! So all month, whenever you decide to buy three seeds, we’ll give you the cheapest one – FOR FREE!

That’s right. We’re pretty amped about it, as you can tell. In some cases we could say that we’re irresponsible, just throwing seeds out everywhere like confetti on a wedding day!

While we’re excited you should see what others are doing for 420!


These guys are bound to drop amazing deals and competitions for their readers.

Keep them bookmarked as it could happen any day now, maybe even now? Or NOW!

Right, who else? Anyone?

Biltong and Buds! 

The guys over at Biltong and Buds are running a sweet promotion for growers who are willing share the beauty of their crops. Depending on the size of your crop you will be entered as a certain level ambassador. Level one you get a 15% discount, the second level cranks up to 20%, and the top tier is %25.

This was announced on the 6 April 2022 on their Instagram! So, go and check it out! Worth it if you’re already growing.

Cheeba Africa 

As the cannabis academy to attend, they promise to elevate your cannabis experience. During the month of 420 they will be hosting a few open days so those interested in getting involved with the marijuana can see the academy first hand.

And trust us, you want to be able to tap into the cannabis knowledge sooner rather than later!

You can keep track of them on their social media channels.

Marijuana SA

The OGs of the cannabis market in South Africa, Marijuana SA is keeping their cards close. We think they’re going to run a deal. What it is, we don’t know.

But it it’s worth your time bookmarking their site. Currently, they have a number of deals on their sales page. Something to keep an eye on.

Who else is there?


While everyone else is keeping their specials a secret, the guys over at Owl Headquarters have made a splash. Like they always do!

So, what can you cash in on? Well, whenever you buy a vape from them you get a free rolling tray and rad grinder. We have three of their grinders already, so we could do with another!

Not much else to say…

Go forth and enjoy 420 all month long!

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