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How to water your cannabis

How To Water Your Cannabis Plant Properly

Watering your cannabis plants might seem like the easiest part of the marijuana growing process. But there are definite rules about how to water your cannabis.

Here are our top 10 rules you should follow when watering your plants, whether they’re indoor or outdoor.

And it should go without having to say it, this isn’t for the hydroponic growers…

Keep The Medium Evenly Watered

Most plants need their growing medium to maintain a level of moisture that is even.

This being said, you want to ensure there is a slight drying out before you water again, as it promotes root growth.

Water Thoroughly

How To Water Your Cannabis Plant Properly

It’s a given that an enthusiastic cannabis grower (who has bought some amazing seeds) will water their plants too often. Rather err on the side of caution and water less.

If you watering a pot, you can check the soil by poking it with your finger. As a rule of thumb, if the soil is dry beneath 2-5cm you should water again.

Water In The Mornings And Evenings

While this tip is mostly for the outdoor grower, you might to make sure that lights are turned down.

After all, if water is evaporating, it means you’re wasting it, and that your plants can’t access it.

Don’t Water Leaves

Watering your marijuana leaves opens the door to disease. When your leaves are wet overnight, they could form moulds and diseases. You don’t want that.

And if you do wet them during the day, the water droplets can intensify leaf burn from the sun. Think of it as a magnifying glass.

Go For The Roots!

Water the roots.

Your cannabis plant absorbs water through its roots. This means you need to ensure that you’re watering the ground.

Ground cover, like mulch, can prevent the water seeping deeper.

Water For Longer

Too often we spray a little bit of water at the base of the plant and move along.

But wait a little bit, around 4-9 seconds, to see how the water seeps into the soil.

Often, you might be required to add a bit more water to your cannabis plant.

Change It Up

Make sure to water in different spots around your marijuana plant. If you water in one spot, you’ve only encouraging root growth in one direction.

What you want is for your plant to expand its reach in all directions.

Set Up A Professional Irrigation System

Since you’ve invested in the well-being of your plant’s genetics, you should maybe put some money away for a good irrigation system.

The Blumat systems are great as they provide water only when the plant needs it, and they do this automatically.

Don’t Drown Your Plant

If water is pooling around the base of your plant it is drowning. Water-logging will hamper your marijuana plant’s access to air via its roots.

Better Soil!

Cannabis Soil

What will help with watering is having great soil or growing medium. When your plant can retain the correct amount, release excessive amounts, and hold onto important nutrients, it is bound to be healthier.

Anymore About How To Water Your Cannabis…

That’s actually all we have to share. If you have any life-hacks let us know in the comment section below.

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