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Top 5 autoflowers for a short grow period

Top 5 autoflowers for a short grow period

The grow season is starting to get little shorter with every day that passes. With less sunshine, what autoflowers should you select for a short grow cycle?

No need to worry, we’ve compiled our comprehensive list of our top five strains for those getting ready to grow late into the season.

And, yes, you’ll need to select an autoflower strain. We talk more about this kind of strain, here.

World War 3 – An Autoflower Going Off With a BANG!

The official winner of the Zootly’s Cannabis Cup, this is the strongest, most beautiful strain to grow.

This strain is a blend of Trump’s Cookie Jar and Gorilla Kim. This combo results in a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa split.

WW3 produces massive yields and you can expect to start harvesting within 11 weeks!

In regards to its growing profile, the plant can reach a height of around 1m, and can be grown indoors or outdoors.

The Short Grow With The Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba _ Indica

Our Queen of Sheba gets her Indica genetics from two other legendary ladies, Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. The President Seed’s royal matriarch is 85% Indica and 15% Sativa.

Perfectly at home grown indoors or outdoors, this seed is bound to produce enough buds for a long-long-time.

Build wise, the Queen is a bushy plant that is a low-to-medium height.

Expect to harvest this lady from seed within 11 weeks.

President 47 – Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!

As this is the modern classic, we can assure you that this Sativa dominant strain is split in a perfect 60/40.

President 47 is said to have had a lineage of a few South American landrace strains, but all we can promise is that it’s a true international player.

It’s a fairly easy plant to cultivate and should be a large bud producer.

The autoflowering strain should take around 11 weeks from seed to harvest.

Delivering buds as quickly as the AK47 gun itself.

OG Bob – Flowering Faster Than the Zim Dollar Exchange Rate

Bred from the exquisite OG Kush cross (Chemdawg and Candy Kush), this heavily dominant Indica strain (95%) is all about producing concentrates or oils.

Within 11 weeks the grow cycle will be complete! You could leave it a little longer, which could result in a very large yield. But that’s up to you!

OG Bob delivers a giant Indica high, which will give you couch lock, with a little droopy eyes.

If the economy is starting to tank, this is the strain we’d recommend.

Gelato bin Laden – The Autoflower You Need to Enjoy Now! Otherwise it Melts!

Bred from the famous Girl Scout family, this pacifist is a blend of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies.

It’s a 55% Indica and 45% Sativa, which makes it a perfect blend of both worlds. It also means that it has a high THC content of well over 20%. So, handle with care.

It will deliver heavy yields and is guaranteed to be potent.

This girl will be ready in around 11 weeks.

Our Best Short Growing Autoflowering Strains!

And just like that, we’ve listed our top 5 autoflower strains for a short growing season!

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