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Grow Shop Cape Town

Best Grow Shops In Cape Town!

As one of South Africa’s best cannabis seed banks, we thought we’d do you a favour and rate our top grow shops in Cape Town!

After all, we’ve all been there, taking delivery of some precious seeds at the seed bank, only to discover you forgot an important growing item or two.

Let’s start with our best friends in the industry.

Zootly South Africa’s Number One Cannabis Destination

Yes, Zootly! Recently the guys of Zootly have flown their nest and settled in Kloof Street!

We’ve collaborated with Zootly on a number of projects already and cannot recommend them more highly.

Whether you’re an expert or novice, the crew is super helpful and always willing to chat all things cannabis.

Zootly are also the only stockist of California LightWorks in South Africa, arguably the best grow lights on the market.

And, if you’re interested in any other international products, you can chat with the owners about maybe importing the item you desire.

So, now that we’ve spoken about the best grow shop in Cape Town, what other grow shops are there?

The Grow Tent Shop

Once again, we’ve collaborated with the team at The Grow Tent Shop (GTS) in Table View. Originally, the team at GTS started with the ambition of providing indoor growers with premium gear.

After all, in a world of a million and one garden centres, there aren’t many indoor-specific grow shops.

Nowadays, they also stock outdoor gear. So, they are the full service hydroponic and organic horticultural centre.

We can also share with you that they are a friendly bunch of guys who have a wealth of growing knowledge, and can help you diagnose any grow problems.

They are truly a team of passionate growers and always worth a visit.

While this is further up the West Coast, and Zootly being situated in the centre of Cape Town, are there any grow shops in the deep south?

Grown at Home

The new kids on the block, and taking up residence in Lakeside, Grown at Home offers everything a home grower could ask for!

Whether you’re looking for grow tents, growing mediums, hydroponic units, and more, give them a visit.

We also see they stock some nice beans! Sure we can help.

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