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President Seed’s Sponsors South Africa’s Greatest Cannabis Growing Competition!

As purveyors of the greatest weed seed strains we’ve not been able to sponsor many if any events really – until now!

We’d like to inform you, our avid President Seed fans, that we are the main sponsors of Zootly’s Cannabis Cup – South Africa’s number one cannabis cup.

What’s Up For Grabs?

Weed growers can now compete for the title of supreme, Mzansi cannabis cultivator. The country’s best marijuana judges will be ruling on four criteria and most importantly, a grand first prize worth R12 100 will go to the winner! Sure, there’ll also be a trophy. 

“I believe this will be the most tremendously, tremendous-tremendous, cannabis growing competition that won’t be reported by the leftist media!,” adds President Seed’s Trump’s Cookie Jar who stumbles back into the Oval Office clutching a cheeseburger and bong.

The organisers of the event also realised that as everyone is home due to COVID-19, this makes it the perfect time to really hone in on their horticultural skills.

Who’s Judging This?

To make this an unbiased competition the whos-who of the local cannabis industry has been called in to judge.

None of the Presidents were invited to contribute their opinion as they tend to be biased.

“I’ve already sent out my agents to help these judges’ opinions…” interrupts Putin’s Punch, another amazing President Seeds’ strain who is rather scary.

Where were we? Right! We are planning on a none interfered competition! Unlike 2016…

The adjudicators will be judging the best bud by the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics: trichome development, resin production, bud density, and manicuring. 
  • The Smell: is it fragrant? 
  • Taste: we want to make sure that it is a tasty harvest. 
  • And finally, the effect, the strength, and feelings of the high. 

In the initial rounds of adjudication, it will be strictly about the aesthetics and smell. Once the top 12 have been finalised, then the judges will have two weeks to sample the top buds. This will all be done through blind tasting, with each flower being given a number.   

Tell Us More President Seeds!

You can find out more here, and enter the Zootly’s Cannabis Cup – South Africa’s number one cannabis cup, here

To all those who take part, we salute you! Go forth, and grow something great.

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