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Best Weed Strains South Africa Has to Offer And What’s Hot!

Compared to Europe, South Africa is blessed with an amazing outdoor climate, and we’re sure all our customers and readers take advantage of this daily. But but what are the best Strains South Africa has to offer?

If you’re based in the Eastern Cape, you’re in growing heaven. Our local landrace strains are unique when compared to those found overseas, and mostly are Sativas.

Let’s take a closer look at our landrace strains.

Durban Poison

If there’s a landrace with international cred it’s Durban Poison. With its tall bushy build and narrow fan leaves, it’s fragrance of earthy tones, pine, and sweetness, make it a favourite around the world.

To begin with, this plant initially produces Indica style leaves, but in the latter parts of the flowering period it’s dominant Sativa comes through.

Normally, this strain tests between 16-24% THC, but it’s the active high that gets used by individuals who want less CBD in their hit.

The genetics of this plant ensure that when cross-breeding, you get a tough and vigorous plant that can grow anywhere. It has a dense and slim bud structure, and a unique terpene profile with oversized resin glands.

Also, because it is such an established strain, you can purchase auto-flowering and feminized seeds.

Swazi Gold

While not a South African landrace, the rolling hills of Swaziland are close enough to call them such. As expected, it is a Sativa and similar in plant structure to Durban Poison, but a little shorter and stockier.

The flavour profile is of citrus aromas with full-bodied earth tones. The high experience is one that is fast-acting and boosts energy levels, but relaxes after a while.

The bud profile can be described as lumpy, long, and covered in golden trichomes.

It also causes major dry mouth, so make sure to have a drink close by.

It’s an easy plant to grow as it can thrive on harsh mountain terrains.


A Sativa, this landrace strain is based in the same region as Durban Poison. It is easy to grow and is at home outdoors or indoors.

It is a fast grower, so if you need to get a batch out sooner rather than later, this is the strain for you. Also, it is very resilient to pests and mildew.

The high experience is energetic and uplifting. The taste and aroma profile is sweet with a little spice.

There are tales that this is the strain Zulu warriors would smoke before battle.


If you can, hold onto these seeds, as this strain doesn’t exist anymore. This landrace strain was popular during the 1980s.

We’ve all heard about it via the cannabis “grapevine”. It is believed t to have originated from an African Sativa landrace.

Basically, it is an urban legend. Now we know what the best strains South Africa has to offer – are. 

Let’s ask what are the most loved strains by South African growers currently? 

What Are South African Growers Favourite Cannabis Strains? 

With the legalisation of growing your own homegrown crop, South African growers have been chomping at the bit to purchase new exotic strains. But at the top of this list is Cheese. 

As an outdoor leaning strain, most South African growers will be keen for this legend’s high THC levels (up to 20%) and low CBD. It is an Indica dominant with a 60/40 split. 

And generally speaking, it is an easy strain to cultivate. According to our sales records, Durban Poison was the most popular, but this is faulty data as Simba Seed’s has been running a special on them for a number of months now. You should take advantage of it as well, here

The next top selling strain for 2020 is Putin’s Punch, the Russian leader has some popular cult variety Do-Si-Dos and was bred in the US from the OG Kush Breath combined with the Face-Off OG. These are two relatively new strains to the cannabis world proving that South African growers want something new and exciting.

And in third place is President 47, the autoflowering strain. This is a Sativa dominant strain, that’s really considered a modern classic. Bred from South American landrace strains, we can tell that once again, South African growers are looking for something exotic. Also, it’s interesting that it is the autoflowering strain of the AK47 as this also indicates that those growing it are rushed for time. 

Now that we’ve gone through the local heroes, who South African growers are looking for, let’s talk about the top international breeders. 

The Best International Breeders

Our friends over at Zootly wrote a piece a while back.

While we always love being talked about, we now offer way more in terms of international breeders! 

Let’s go through the best international breeders on our site! 

Ethos Genetics

ETHOS Genetics are legends in the game! And every major cannabis publication has written about these guys.

From High Times, Blunt Talks, 303 Magazine, and the Adam Dunn show.

The Canadians are changing the culture in the cannabis industry. ETHOS Genetics takes the marijuana lifestyle very seriously. This seriousness is evident in the best scientific research, data capturing, best practices the ETHOS team is able to make effective combinations of strains.

And the results speak for themselves as they’ve produced some amazing winning strains over the years.

Who else do we stock? 

Dutch Passion

These guys are the OGs of the cannabis world. 

Dutch Passion are one of the world’s oldest cannabis seedbanks and one of the few remaining original seed companies.  We offer our customers a variety of original classic cannabis varieties as well as some of the very best new varieties, many of these are available in regular as well as feminized seeds. 

We began our work in the 1970’s and were formally established as a seedbank in 1987.

Now, who else would be recommend? 

Simba Seeds

Relatively new to the game Simba Seeds allows ample access for budget growers to try legendary strains. 

Or: “Simba Seeds offers all growers the opportunity to purchase premium strains that are guaranteed to deliver a fantastic crop!”

There’s honestly a strain for everyone! We stock all the classics that you know, like White Widow, Super Skunk, and Durban Poison to name a few.

With strong genetics you can be sure that your plant will grow up to be big and strong.

If you were wonder if there are any other best strains South Africa has to offer to review, well there’s one more. 

Motherland Genetics

We recently just added these guys to our shop. And this is what they offer:

“Motherland Genetics are “Pheno-Hunters” and “Cannabis Breeders”. We are one of the few black South African cannabis genetic research and preservation companies. We search the local and global cannabis landscape to identify and secure rare and sort-after cannabis genetics demanded by Cannabis connoisseurs.”

If you want to try something unique, order one of their amazing strains. 

And just like that we’re done. Till next time. 

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