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How micro-dosing cannabis can help working from home!

It’s been a long time since many of us were in an office. Working from home had many benefits that some will be clinging onto. But at it’s peak, being locked up could become demoralising. So, if you’re stuck in a rut, could micro-dosing cannabis help?

It could! But before we going into the why let’s talk about what a micro-dose looks like.

How much is a micro-dose?

As a rule of thumb start with one serving or around 2mg. While getting this measurement might not be easy, just start with a small hit or dose. Work your way towards a comfortable low high. You might not be ware of this but each strain has it’s own strengths and high-effects. So, before micro-dosing during working hours, make sure to do a trial run on the weekend.

You also want a strain or dosage with more CBD in it to mellow you out. A powerful Sativa might send you over the edge during a Zoom call Рso avoid over doing a Durban Poison. This being said, a wake and bake strain can help.

Now let’s dive into why micro-dosing could unlock your potential when working from home.

Why you should be micro-dosing when working from home!

Cannabis has many medical properties that are currently being explored. But one aspect none of us need confirmation about is that THC opens new creative pathways in the brain.

What was boring the day before, sitting at your computer, will be far more exciting when micro-dosing.

It often sparks a new creative energy, that can easily drive you towards focusing on the task at hand.

Then, if you’re worried about deadlines while working from home, it can be near to impossible to escape them even when going to bed.

After all, you can still see your computer’s glowing monitor down the hallway. This in turn creates individuals who are highly anxious. Micro-dosing over time will help relax your way of thinking, and allow you to deal with your stresses.

Being able to handle stress makes you more efficient and able to turn over work quicker, as you forget your doubts and plow ahead with the task at hand.

While studies are yet to be conducted about whether this is true or not, we think it couldn’t hurt. After all, if you have an off day your employer is bound to forgive you.

And if they don’t, believe us, get a new job.


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