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Outdoor Cannabis

The Best South African Outdoor Cannabis Strains!

We can all feel it, South African Outdoor season is here, but what are the best outdoor cannabis strains to plant? Which one of the President Seed strains should you be making a space for in your yard?

Well, we’re about to take out the guesswork for you – right this second.

President 47

This sativa dominant strain is all about delivering that “kapow!” kick.

As this is an autoflowering seed as well, you’ll be ready to harvest this baby around the new year mark. Which is always the perfect time for additional buds.

President 47 is bred from AK-47.

President 47 linage means, it is an extremely easy plant to grow, as it is from the Netherlands.

This means that lower temperatures are not a problem and it is keen to soak up the South African sun.

President 47 is a high yielding plant that’s very sticky with its glistening trichomes.

And let’s talk about what you’ll be banking into your bankie. The high is an energetic and euphoric one, with earthy and woody tasting notes, that’ll easily ground you in our yard.

Iron Lady

Just like the original Maggie Thatcher, the Iron Lady is a super resilient plant. Making it perfect to rough any outdoor elements, including mould and mildew.

This resilience also makes it easy to grow. So, if this is your first outdoor cannabis growing season this is the strain for you.

As we mentioned before, selecting the autoflowering strain means you’ll be able to enjoy the bud around the end of the year.

But also, you want quicker turnaround times when growing in the yard.

In addition, this lady produces massive yielding, juicy buds, which grow quickly, with a total seed to harvest time of around 11 weeks.

And finally, what you’ll be putting into the grinder is a very high THC bud. Displaying some beautiful purple hues, the high will leave you dreamy, relaxed, with a truly pacified mind (totally unlike Maggie).

Taste and aromas are pungent sweet with some spicy elements.


This Indica dominant strain is the “dynamite comes in small packages” of a plant.

President Seed’s OG Bob is bred from the OG Kush, Chemdawg, and Candy Kush. This ensures that you’re really growing something with a THC loaded linage (22% THC content)!

Guaranteed to couch-lock even the most experienced smoker, this autoflowering plant is ready within 11 weeks. This also means it’ll be ready around the end of the year.

With it’s earthy and sweet aromas this sturdy plant is perfect to brave the South African outdoor growing season.

Let’s Get The Outdoor Cannabis Season Going

As a rule of thumb, most strains for cannabis and marijuana will be happy with the South African outdoor conditions.

But if you want a crop a bit more sturdy, select a strain that’s been bred in the Netherlands and Europe, as their crops need to weather more extreme conditions compared to American strains.

And to limit impact of the natural elements on your corp, we’d suggest selecting an autoflowering for faster turnaround times.

At the end of the day, we hope you get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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