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Laidback Lincoln's Genes

Let’s get chilled by learning about Laidback Lincoln’s Genes

We know that a good strain of cannabis divided against itself can’t get you high. That’s why our good girl, Laidback Lincoln’s, Genes are so important.

As we’ve stated before, Laidback Lincoln is an indica dominant strain with a 75% to 25% split.

With any great strain, it’s always worth knowing where, and from whom, it comes. In this case, two Cannabis Cup award-winning strains.

That’s why we , the general public, say that Honest Abe is a real babe!

But let’s dive into this legend’s genes!

Bubble Gum

Laidback Lincoln's Genes- bubble gum!

A true classic, Bubble Gum has been in circulation since 1994, and has been winning since then!

It is easy to grow and has a flowering time of around 7-9 weeks. This amazing hybrid was originally conceived by crossing Indiana Bubble Gum with another unknown indica stain (can’t stress the importance of labelling your bud!).

When lighting it up, this strain has the ability to numb your body while leaving your mind feeling clearheaded.

Now that we have the first part of the Laidback Lincoln’s Genes let’s talk about the other award winner!


Laidback Lincoln's Genes

Dubbed the true A-List cannabis strain after it claimed the High Time’s Cannabis Cup 2000 for the Best Indica, it’s been the go-to strain for serious stoners.

Blueberry’s has a long history with some saying the strain goes back to the late 1970s when an American breeder was working on some exotic landrace strains.

They say that Blueberry was made by crossing Purple Thai and Thai. Combining these strains together, the taste and aroma profiles are sweet has the flavour of fresh blueberries.

It is a relaxing high that will send on you on a long-lasting euphoric trip. Regular users use it to handle pain and stress. Growers will love the strain’s colourful hues on the bud.

As an easy grow, it has a very short flowering period of around 7-9 weeks.

And that’s all you need to know about Laidback Lincoln’s Genes

We can’t stress enough how unstressed you’ll be with Laidback Lincoln in your garden, or in your pipe. This strain is all about laying back and just enjoying life.

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