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OG Bob's Genes

OG Bob’s Genes! What you need to know!

OG Bob‘s Genes story is fairly basic, which is a huge contradiction to her namesake. This strain is bred from the legendary east coast girl, OG Kush.

To be honest, we’re stilling wondering how there’s no Swazi Gold in this girl. After all, the African leader would have thrown a fit if his strain came from the West.

But who cares what he thinks. Let’s just focus on her genes!

OG Kush!

We’ve actually spoken in-depth about OG Kush’s Genes. But let’s talk about it again! We guarantee it’s worth it!

There are three main genes of OG Kush; Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush.

OG Kush is arguably the number one strain to create new strains. But for now, let’s go deeper!


This mysterious strain has made a name for itself in the cannabis world. Now it is a stable of the cannabis world, it is always a winner when cross pollinated with others. Some of these cross pollinations include OG Kush and Sour Diesel!

Expect diesel-like aromas from Chemdawg. Also it is very pungent stuff, and your neighbours will know when you’re lighting up!

Normally, this strain wouldn’t be a good one for those who are just starting to experiment with cannabis.

Lemon Thai

If you’re experiencing a slump in creativity and need that extra spark – Lemon Thai is the strain you want in your bong!

This hybrid is a cross between Thai Sativa and a Hawaiian strain. Lemon Thai is an extremely cerebral high, which will allow users to feel introspective, focused, and thoughtful.

As the name would hint at, this has a pleasant lemony-mint taste.

Hindu Kush

This is a pure Indica strain that is named after the mountain which stretches between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The climate of this region transformed the structure of the plant, which became thick and bushy.

You can expect crystal covered trichomes, which has made it a go-to strain for hash producers.

Hindu Kush has an aroma that is sweet with tones of earthy sandalwood. The high has been described as deeply calming and will help with pain relief.

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