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President 47's Genes

President 47’s genes – where do they come from?

Well, we’re normally super informed about where our products come from but President 47‘s genes are shrouded in mystery. What we can tell you is that our President is a mixture of a few South American landrace strains.

Which ones these are is anyone’s guess. But let’s just say that our President 47 is a strain that’ll have you reaching for your bong every time.

But let’s look at some of those landrace strains from South America!

Punto Rojo

A landrace from Colombia, Punto Rojo (roughly translated as red dot) was a popular strain from the 70s and 80s. A pure Sativa, the aromas from this plant’s bud are fruit and incense.

Like most Sativa landrace strains, this plant is going to grow long with wispy buds with thin leaves. Expect an energetic high that is euphoric – yet – relaxing. Perfect for a wake and bake session to keep you awake and productive.

Acapulco Gold

While we’d love to think this strain was a part of our President 47’s genes, it is unfortunately unlikely. Then again, we have worked miracles in the past.

A rare landrace sativa, it has been compared to having a fine dinning experience at a restaurant with a Michelin starred chef! It’s name comes from the fact it is grown around the Acapulco, Mexico region. With its orange hairs giving off that distinctive look of gold. Also, these buds are resin dense.

Expect aromas of burnt toffee to linger when the bud is broken up. It is considered by some to be the best cannabis strain ever created.

Colombian Gold

Another Colombian landrace sativa, this one comes from the Santa Marta mountains.

It has fluffy and crystal-covered buds that give off amazing aromas of skunky, sweet notes, lemon, and lime.

As usual, this is a perfect strain for wake and bake. Also, it offers a high that is devoid of paranoia and anxiety. This makes it a great strain for novices.

Panama Red

Described by those who lived through the 60s as the best strain, this old-school classic is a heavy hitting sativa landrace.

This was thanks to its speedy and intense effect – which some have claimed to be psychedelic. But as cannabis cultivation progressed, its lengthy flowering time of 11 weeks meant it wasn’t a profitable strain to grow.

If this is in our President 47’s genes, you’ll be taking a trip to a far off destination!

That’s it for now about our President 47’s genes. We’ll update you when we’ve spoken to our breeders.

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