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More about SCROG!

More About The SCROG Techniques

We’ve covered the basics around the SCReen Of Green growing method on our site before. But for those who want to know more about SCROG you’ve come to the right place.

The first let’s talk about cutting.

Cutting Clean!

More about SCROG and cutting.

In the first blog we covered the need to top the plant at the fifth node (where the branches extend out from the main trunk). We also discussed the fact that there’s a lot of pruning involved.

At it’s core, utilising the SCROG method means you’re removing any parts of the plant that will take away nutrients from the top canopy, which you’ve artificially created.

What we didn’t highlight is the process where you need to disinfect your secateurs.

Always disinfect them whenever cutting your plant. This is especially important as with the SCROG technique you’re putting your plant under a lot of stress, and an infection can easily take hold and kill your plant.

Use a solution no stronger than one part household bleach, or tea tree oil to 10 parts water, or a quick wipe down with surgical spirits.

Now for some advanced training techniques.

Low-Stress Training

Stressed out? Nope low stress!

Low-stress training (LST) is the process of gently bending and tying down the cannabis branches. This is done to manipulate the shape of your plant.

Using gentle pipe cleaners to pull the branches downwards ensures that the plant will keep its shape. Growers normally train branches to grow in an “X” shape.


This technique involves removing the lower branches or foliage. This method is important as it reduces the presence of poor buds.

As we mentioned above, make sure your cutting implements are clean.



As the name suggests, this should create a super crop. This technique involves making the branches more pliable. The grower squeezes and pinches the branches to bend them, to a point where they nearly snap.

Super-cropping is a high-stress process. But by pinching and squeezing the branches you’re trying to damage the inner plant’s tissues to make it bendy., without creating an open wound.

This technique can only be performed at the early vegetative stage, and before it enters the screen.

If you’re worried about performing the super cropping maneuver, you can follow these tips:

  • Choose the branches you want to train, and make sure they are a part of the older area of the plant and the tissues still feel pliable and bendy.
  • Then grasp the selected branch between your thumb and forefinger, and gently squeeze. Roll it between your fingers for 10 seconds, until you can feel the internal structures becoming softer.
  • Once happy, you can bend the branch into the direction you want, and secure it into place.

If the branch does rip, make sure to bandage it up.

Now, you’re ready to SCROG. For those looking to get supplies visit our friends at Zootly.

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