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Our Top Four Cannabis Sativa Seeds!

We’ve spoken about the differences between Sativa seeds and Indica Seeds before on our website.

The main difference is that Sativa strains have a longer flowering time, are taller and stretch more and are the ones known to give you that incredible head high – or “trippy high”.

Also, worth a mention is that Sativas are considered more challenging to grow. If you are a first time grower, try looking through our Indica Seed list.

For those looking to grow their own wake and bake crop, we’ve compiled a list of four Sativa strains you can grow!

President 47 Sativa Seeds!

With real firepower, this is just the wake-up call shot you’ve been looking to stick into your bong!

This Sativa dominant strain has a few South American landrace strains in it, but it is a plant that truly can be enjoyed anywhere!

Expect a tall plant that produces large buds. The high is an energetic and euphoric one.

Simba Amnesia Haze Seeds


This is a Sativa-dominant strain. The breeders also assure us that Simba Seed’s Amnesia Haze genetics are original Amnesia Haze.

An energetic high, it’s the perfect pick-me-up after a long day slaving away at the office.

When you purchase these amazing seeds expect the growing period to last around 11 weeks.

It is also available in a feminized strain!

Cannabis Seeds To BUY!

Either way, you’re going to be purchasing the best cannabis seeds on the market.

Durban Poison

Buy Sativa Seeds - South African Cannabis Seeds!

If you’ve grown up as a South African cannabis fan you’ll be well aware of Durban Poison.

This landrace strain is a legend for its sweet smell, and energetic, uplifting effects.

It’s for this reason why it is often referred to as the espresso of the marijuana world!

For those living in South Africa, this is a great strain to grow outdoors.

Dutch Passion’s Auto Glueberry O.G. Sativa Seeds!


This Sativa dominant autoflowering hybrid is great for those looking for a sweet-tasting bong hit!

This strain offers extra-large yields, which is pleasing to any grower in both indoor and outdoor environments (in sunny climates).

With bigger yields, it also guarantees a great harvest to enjoy with all your “cannabuddies”.

Buy More Sativa Seeds!

We offer a wide variety of strains, and honestly – you can find exactly the cannabis seeds you’re looking for!

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