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The South African Cannabis Outdoor Growing Season Checklist

As the days start to get longer and warmer, we know that you’re itching to start the outdoor growing season.

But before you start to prep your grow area, there’s a checklist every grower should look through.

Here’s our South African Cannabis Outdoor Growing Checklist:

Cannabis Climate & Environment

Climate and growing environment are major factors when planning where to plant your cannabis.

While certain strains of marijuana can survive on 6 hours of sunlight, you really want them to thrive! Make sure that your plant has as much sunlight as possible, even as much as 12 hours.

We’re talking about direct sunlight, so if you are growing in a courtyard place it against a north facing wall (if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere).

Also, your outdoor plant will need shelter from extreme winds.

If gusts of wind are common in your area, a simple shade cloth will help. Or you might want to get a companion plant to provide shelter.

Outdoor Growing Season Soil Prep!

The quality of your crop is heavily linked to the quality of your soil. This is true for all horticultural endeavours.

There are three main factors that make a great soil.

Drainage and Water Retention

Drainage is important. A waterlogged plant develops issues like root rot and imbalances of soil PH. Also, if the soil doesn’t drain properly this affects the ability of roots to absorb oxygen, and take up nutrients.

But your plant still needs water. That means your soil will also need to retain water, as well as draining efficiently.

The best way to achieve this is by using an additive like perlite or vermiculite. Or you can invest in a fabric pot that will absorb some moisture, and release it back into the soil.

Soil Texture

There’s a balance you need to achieve with soil texture.

You want your plant’s roots to have access to the elements it needs to grow.

So, your soil needs to be compact and hold nutrients, but also loose enough to allow your cannabis plant’s roots to bury themselves.

If your soil’s compactness isn’t right and your buds get heavy, your plant could fall over.

Nutrient Value

This is arguably the most important part of soil composition.

If your soil can’t hold nutrients, your plant’s roots won’t have anything to feed on.

Once again, additives like perlite and vermiculite can help the soil retain nutrients.

It’s all a balancing act to achieve that sweet spot. We’d recommend getting the best soil possible.

There are loads of nutrient products on the market, but some worm castings will go a long way to help.

Cannabis Genetics

A seed’s genes can make a huge difference in whether it is suited to growing outdoors.

Also, there’s the choice of autoflowering or feminized seeds, depending on whether you want a quick crop or to take the long way around.

President Seeds outlines whether the strain you’ve selected is suited for outdoor growing.

If you have any more questions about genetics feel free to contact us, here.


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