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Craft Soil

Top Craft Soil Brands in South Africa!

While it’s fantastic to purchase seeds with strong genes like ours to ensure you grow the best plants. But you need the best growing medium to ensure they grow up big and strong, which requires the best craft soil.

Luckily with the introduction of the Private Cannabis Use Bill many nurseries, and growing medium specialists, have started to produce marijuana soil.

The exact mixture of the medium is so important. Here our top three craft soil specialists.

Freedom Farms

We know our friends over at Zootly love themselves a bag or two of this brown gold.

Freedom Farms is 100% committed to providing growers with superior quality craft soil. This means it contains plant nutrition, is the correct consistency, and has been tried and tested.

This is living soil, so it has all the tiny little microbes that ensures that it’s naturally great!

The company works at optimising their soil for root health, after all, healthy roots means a healthier plant. Also, it is perfectly aerated for the best oxygen exposure to the roots! After all, roots need to breath.

Also, they’ve inoculated with probiotics and together with the together with the naturally high diversity of microbes in worm casting, our soils are teeming with beneficial soil and plant microorganisms.

You can learn more on their website:

Just Cannabis

Another cannabis soil specialist is Just Cannabis, they promise high-quality, pre-enriched cannabis-growing medium.

As a premium craft soil brand it also has unique qualities of their soil, less water is required compared to other potting soils and growing mediums.

And because this is a top shelf product you’ll require no additional fertilizers! Which is a bonus!

Dirty Hands Inc: Orgasoilux

Orgasoilux organic living earth blend is a premium craft soil mixtures and its been around since 2011. The soil has been evolving since day one and has been under rigorous testing for all the environments its been used in. Whether it is indoor, outdoor, or a greenhouse.

Also, the soil has been lab tested locally and international.

This soil has been designed for those looking to grow boutique quality cannabis. It also:

  • fast growth in all environments;
  • maximum terpene and cannabinoids productions;
  • heavier yields;
  • pest resistance;
  • microbial biodiversity;
  • and general use!

Other Craft Soil Brands

It’s a budding community of brands and we’re hoping to see more pop up in the future. In the meantime, go forth and buy all the best craft soil!

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