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Bred, not genetically modified - why that matters!

Cannabis Seeds Are Breed Not Genetically Modified – Here’s Why it Matters!

We’re all about finding the best cannabis genetics for our growers. Whether it is feminized or autoflowering strains President Seeds is very serious about genes. This being said, are our seeds genetically modified?

The short answer, no. Our seeds the result of selective breeding. This means even with the most stringent methods of quality control we have some variably performing products. That’s because our seeds are all bred by professional cannabis seed breeders.

Cannabis seeds are not genetically modified, none have been according to us.

There’s no laboratory turning out seeds and that makes a huge difference. To understand the difference let’s investigate the two methods of changing genetics, genetically modifying and what our cannabis breeders do selective breeding.

Genetically Modified!

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are according to Wikipedia,

“A GMO is any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques”

This means that the organism, or in our case plant, as had a scientist, with a lab look at the genes and removed certain genetic traits and implant them into a new DNA sequence.

In the case of corn scientists were able to modify the plant to be more pest, weather, and disease resistant. Which in turn means they are more hardy.

GMO products have improved corp production in the agricultural world ten fold. Now let’s look at selective breeding, the method cannabis breeders use.

Selective Breeding!

Cannabis breeders for decades have been using selective breeding techniques to bring you the dankest weed!

According to Wikipedia,

“Selective breeding is the technique by which humans use animal and plant breeding to selectively develop particular phenotypic traits (characteristics)”

This is the technique that created all the dog breeds! Yeah!

It’s not an exact science, but if over time you remove, and cross pollinate with strong plants, in a few generations your cannabis will be bigger and stronger.

But what does this mean for your cannabis seeds. Well, just like pedigree dogs sometimes you get a runt of the litter.

Also, with selective breeding you do narrow down the gene pool over time and inbreeding takes hold. What you get is the plant version of a British Bulldog, cute, but a genetic mess.

Luckily, for you, our seeds are not like the British Bulldog. As our breeders are keeping a keen eye on their plants.

Now let’s do a simple comparison!

GMOSelective Breeding
You change only selected genes.When cross breeding you are changing multiple genes that you sort of plan…
When successfully done you get the desired plant. Like a glowing tomato!You might not get the exact result. It’s a gamble!
Time frame is around one to two generations.Changes can take thousands of years.
Changes are very specific!Not really specific.
You can target any individual gene.Changes take place with species.

Now you know. Go forth and grow!

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