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ceramic and glass bongs

Ceramic or Glass Bongs: What’s the difference?

In every stoner’s journey there comes a time to decide whether you want a ceramic or glass bongs? While you could just buy a ceramic and glass bong, let’s just say for this article you need to only pick one!

Which one do you choose?

We know where you should buy them… at Zootly. And your seeds… US! But for now, let’s focus on the attributes of ceramic bongs.

Ceramic Bongs

The first recorded use of a ceramic bong dates back to the late 1800’s. You can supposedly pick up these antique bongs on e-bay, but we’d recommend just purchasing a new one.

There are a number of benefits to ceramic, namely, they are robust when compared to glass bongs. Also, it’s worth mentioning that ceramic as a material holds heat better and can take fluctuations in temperatures.

They’re also fairly easy to clean due to the fact they are glazed. What is glaze? In short, it is the shiny covering of pottery items. This layer essentially glass. Which means, you can wipe it down.

While ceramic bongs are great, there are a few down sides.

Firstly, there’s an allegation that the taste of the smoke is affect by the ceramic material. But as mentioned, it’s basically glass. So, we’re not sure why this is a thing.

Then, they are generally heavier than glass. And while they are more durable, they’re not unbreakable.

But the major issue is they don’t offer the same amount of additional extras as glass, or are as customisable. Now, let’s focus on glass bongs.

Glass Bongs

It’s the go-to bong material for most cannabis fans. The majority of marijuana fans will tell you glass gives the best flavour. We mentioned that glass bongs are fragile, but you’re a grown up so we trust you.

Also, they do show up all the grime and require constant cleaning. This being said, you always want to keep your bong squeaky clean to ensure you get bigger hits and more flavours.

Glass bongs also come in the widest range of shapes and sizes as you can manipulate the material easily to create whatever you’re thinking of.

Then, they come with loads of additional accessories. This is a major plus.


This is a personal choice, and we hope comparing these factors against one another will help you choose whether you want to purchase a ceramic or glass bong.


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