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Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds!

Our Fastest Flowering Cannabis Seeds!

At President Seeds we’re all about delivering fast flowering cannabis seeds! After all, the longer it’s in the ground, the more money you’re pouring into your crop.

And if you’re using the good nutrient mix, it can add up quickly. We’d recommend the Freedom Farms range.

If you have a need for speed, here are some tips.

A need for speed

It should go without having to say it, but if you want to speed up your grow cycle, you need autoflowering seeds.

This speed does have a drawback namely, yields will be smaller and the THC and CBD content will be lower.

But,with genes this strong, you’ll have enough cannabinoids for a great session.

If you’re sticking to a certain timeline, you’ll need to bring the grow indoors. With lighting cycles of 18 hours on and 6 hours off for the vegetative stage, and a 12/12 hour split to initiate the flowering stage.

This will help speed the grow cycles, but as mentioned, there is a trade-off of crop size. You can get around this issue by using the SCROG method.

Now, let’s talk about the our fast flowering cannabis strains!

Bubba Island Kush (Dutch Passion)

Fast Flowering Cannabis

With a flowering period of around 7.5 weeks, this Kush offers pure strength.

Her average height is around a meter indoors, and she offers sour and fruity Kush tones. The leaves can turn dark during bloom, giving her a real hash plant appearance with extremely resinous buds.

This is a fast growing Indica and is the best, and easiest grow, for all cannabis gardeners.

Sugar Bomb Punch – Fast Flowering Cannabis On This List!

This glistening gem is pure speed. In just 9 weeks, you have a fully matured and ready to harvest plant.

As a short, indica dominant plant, this is a tiny girl who delivers a hard hitting punch. The THC level is around 20%+ and delivers a fantastic, euphoric, couch-lock stone.

Expect to harvest flowers covered with huge quantities of dense, glistening trichomes!

Simba Seed’s Durban Poison

According to Wikileaf, Durban Poison reaches maturity within 9 weeks. Making it a fast Sativa.

This landrace strain is the stuff of legends. Often referred to as the espresso of the marijuana world, it is a powerful psychoactive strain that is perfect for a wake and bake.

THC levels can be extremely high, with a 25% content level.

It’s said to have fennel/anise, orange, lemon, and creamy sweet aromas.

The flavours have similar descriptors of sweet lemon candy and spicy anise. 

Gorilla Kim Autoflower

This sticky girl is a heavy hitting Indica dominant strain. Some say that it can reach up to 32% THC.

While not the fastest girl on this list, we reckon that it has a 11 week grow cycle. But some other online outlets say it could be 8-9 weeks.

Expect earthy aromas that lead you to a euphoric and relaxed high.

Also, ensure there’s a couch nearby, as you’re bound to be glued to it all day!

OG Kush – Fast Flowering Cannabis For President Seeds

They say the crazies come from Florida, and it’s no different with the OG Kush, which was first cultivated in the Sunshine State. 

It is a true international diplomat! But this autoflowering strain is a supersonic traveller compared to the feminized version!

As mentioned, this autoflowering strain is Concorde jet fast!

Expect those silvery buds packed with trichomes, and her extra-special terpene profile, within 11 weeks from seed. We’ve heard of growers pushing it to 8 weeks!

OG Kush’s legendary taste and smell are of earthy tones and skunky aromas.

Expect the Indica lineage to come out in a soothing high that’s pleasant and carefree, which in turn will encourage you to become particularly chatty. 

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