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South African Indica Cannabis Seeds For Sale!

Our Top Five Cannabis Indica Seeds

We’ve spoken about the differences between Indica seeds and Sativa seeds before on our website.

But in short, Indica strains give you a body high, something that’ll mellow you out.

For those looking to grow your own amazing chilled Indica crop, we’ve pulled out our top five Indica strains just for you!

Iron Lady! The Hardest Indica Seeds!

The old Thatcher is one heavy Indica strain. Boasting a 95% dominance, she’s nearly completely Indica.

This means the high will be a relaxed and dreamy one. So, if you’re looking for the true Indica couchlock experience, call up the Maggie.

She’s also a very easy cannabis seed to grow, with a thick plant profile. The flavour is pungently sweet, with some spicy aromas.

The Iron Lady is available in feminized or auto-flowering strains.

Queen of Sheba! All Praise Her Indica Seeds!

The African goddess is an Indica that has her followers wrapped around Her Highness’s little finger.

With a 85% Indica ratio, she’s also bound to create calm wherever she is enjoyed.

From seed, you can as usual expect a bushy plant to grow. With flowering starting somewhere around the 9-week mark.

As she is a sherbet-based strain, you can be sure to pick up on the exotic, fruity aromas of melon and mango.

The Queen is available in feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seed strains.

Laidback Lincoln – The Most Chilled American President We Know!

Laidback Lincoln_Indica

The Laidback Lincoln is an Indica dominant strain with a 75/25% split, also its effects are in its name.

One drag of this and you’ll be feeling really chilled. As a Toking Tylor said on a cannabis review,

 Honest Abe – It’s a Stunner

Zootly’s Toking Tylor

For the laidback grower, these are the cannabis seeds you want to buy! And they are available in feminized and auto-flowering strains.

Dutch Passion’s Blackberry Kush

Auto Blackberry Kush_Indica

If you were looking for an award-winning Indica strain, these are the cannabis seeds you should get!

The Auto Blackberry Kush® is a high quality Indica, with a heavy hitting stone, and a fresh fruity Kush taste. 

AND – this is a plant that’ll thank you for growing it outside! As it is resistant to mould, and it can withstand attacks from spider mites, as well as fungus infections.

Currently, it’s only available as an auto-flowering strain.

Simba Seeds Critical

With its blend of Afghani and Skunk, Simba Seeds Critical is most definitely an indica-dominant hybrid.

It’s a relatively new strain when compared to other seeds in our vault.

The one fact we are certain about is that it grows very quickly.

With the grow period over within 11 weeks, give or take.

This strain is available in autoflowering and feminized.

Any Other Indica Seeds?

It’s hard to really choose your favourite Indica strain when they’re all so good!

But the only way to decide if you believe these are the best Indica seeds is to grow them yourself.

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