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The Royal Wedding Cake's Genes

What’s In The Royal Wedding Cake’s Genes?

Any royal occasion is one for the ages. And matching the grandeur of these events is the confectionaries. The Royal Wedding Cake needs to be made of quality ingredients, like our strains genetics. So what’s the Royal Wedding Cake’s Genes?

The short answer: Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Cherry Pie.

But you’re here for the full feature length film! So, let’s talk about GSC.


Girl Scout Cookies is a name you’ll be well acquainted with if you’ve been growing cannabis for a number of years. For the Royal Wedding cake it was a slightly different phenotype with a leaning towards a Platinum GSC which is a more geared toward physical and psychological relieving effects.

This old girl is an indica hybrid. And it crosses two strains: OG Kush and Durban Poison.

And what most growers are looking for when growing their GSCs is high THC levels.

Then, the flavour profile for GSCs is one of sweet and pungent flavours with notes of mint, cherry, and lemon.

GSC is also known as a great medical marijuana strain. It helps with chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss.

As a plant to grow, it is moderately difficult to cultivate, fairly small, with a medium bud yield. And it flowers for around 7-9 weeks with some even saying it can be 10 weeks.

Now that we’ve addressed GSC let’s talk about how this cake gets its sweetness from.

Cherry Pie

Also referred to as Cherry Kush, this is a well-known potent indica dominate hybrid. A cross bred strain of an indica leaning Grandaddy Purple and super strong sativa Durban Poison, Cherry Pie offers a great middle ground for both these strains.

When properly cured the strain has rich, sweet, cherry like flavours jumping off the bud with an accented herbal and floral notes. If you’re a discrete smoker, be warned as this strain is known to be rather pungent.

The high is a gradual one that begins with a progressive feeling of relaxation. After a few minutes the tensions are released and any short-term worries or stressors evaporate. The relaxing indica high allows users to be productive and encourages creative and analytical work.

This strain can be grown outdoors, but they prefer Mediterranean-like climates. The plant is short and bushy with wide lateral branching stems. Cherry Pie flowers within 8-9 weeks.

What Does This Mean For The Royal Wedding Cake’s Genes?

It’s the perfect smoke for those looking to relax. Something sweet and delicious. Then if you are based in the Western Cape, it should be a good strain to grow outdoors.

But at the end of the day you get to have your cake and eat with this strain.

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