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right cannabis strain

Picking the right cannabis strain for your grow!

We know you’re an individual with your own unique needs and tastes, so what is the right cannabis strain for you?

First, let’s get this out the way, cannabis is a complex plant. Every strain has a distinct taste, aroma, and high/effect. So, before loading up your shopping cart with a million and one seeds, let’s investigate what you want.

What do you want from your crop?

When selecting the right strain of cannabis to grow you want to ensure that the final product is what you want. After all, setting up a proper grow setup can be an investment. The variables with choosing the right cannabis strain include:

  • Size of crop;
  • Amount of CBD and THC;
  • Growing difficulty
  • Whether you’re growing indoor or outdoor;
  • And general climate.

So, let’s find out the differences on this list.

Size of crop

It may seem like more is better. Especially if you’re looking for other characteristics in regards to your crop. And ss a generalisation Indicas produce more bud. But they normally have a lower THC lower compared to their Sativa counterparts.

Indicas are also produce more CBD, which means they’re a mellow and relaxing high. Whereas the Sativa offers a more cerebral high, and is often more of a “wake and bake” strain, but they don’t give the grower the same amount of cannabis flower.

We’ve spoken about the difference between the strains before, here.

Let’s now focus on the amount of CBD and THC.


According to Zootly:

Cannabis and hemp are a part of the larger Cannabaceae – which is defined as a small family of flowering plants. Also, they often have distinct male and female plants.

But it’s these chemicals that get the abbreviation treatment, as there are at least 113 different types of cannabinoids known and isolated at the moment.

We usually focus on CBD and THC.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. Which, when it is ingested, makes you high.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the anti-inflammatory component and is widely sold in stores. It also helps with reducing stress.

So, when buying your seeds make sure to read up on what percentage the breeders have promised their seeds will produce.

Right now we can’t exactly tell you what all the variations of cannabinoids do but as a rule of thumb:

More CBD – more chill. More THC – more high.

Then there’s the aspect of growing your crop.

Right cannabis to grow

We do cover this in the article comparing Indicas to Sativas – but generally speaking the latter is more challenging.

This is due in part to the structure of the plant itself and where the original plant came from.

Indicas are said to have come from Afghanistan, India, Nepal, and Northern Pakistan, which is a harsh climate for plants to thrive in. While the Sativa’s genes are said to have come from Eastern Asia and more favourable growing conditions. The word Sativa means “things that are cultivated”.

So, if you’re an experienced grower select a Sativa as a challenge, and if you’re a newbie, Indicas are tough. If you’re very unsure of your growing abilities select an autoflowering Indica, as it is crossbred with a Ruderalis, which was found growing in Russia.

Also, selecting the right cannabis grow is heavily dependent on where you’re planning on growing it and when.

If you’re growing indoors you will need to plan accordingly.

We speak about this in more detail here.

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