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The best cannabis strains for sleep and insomnia

Cannabis is great for curing sleep issues like insomnia. After all, it helps slow down thoughts, eases pain, relaxes muscles, and delivers chemicals that assist with sleep.

There are a few general points that make a cannabis strains better with assisting with sleep. These include:

THC Content

Strains with more THC content are better for sleeping patterns. If you do suffer from THC side-effects like anxiety, this might not be route for you.

Dosages Matter

A light dose of THC can easily assist with putting you to get those ZZZs, but having high level of CBD will also help. Make sure to make changes in small increments.

Edibles Can Help

Edibles release THC slower than smoking it. Make sure that you ensure that it has kicked in before putting yourself to bed, as it can take an hour or so before it hits.

Strains Described As Sleepy

When browsing through the cannabis seed catalogues, strains described as “sleepy” will always help with getting your full-night’s rest.

What strains help with Sleep?

At President Seeds we offer a few strains that will help with sleep. All these strains will help with certain elements that inhibit getting your 8 hours a night.

Trump’s Cookie Jar for pain

Trump's Cookie Jar Genes

If you are suffering from aches and pains that keep you up at night a hit of Trump’s Cook Jar will help numb it.

With it being a Indica dominant, 75%/25% split, it’s also THC heavy, which will ensure you’ll be counting sheep in no time.

Royal Wedding Cake is High in THC! 

The Royal Wedding Cake's Genes

When this strain was tested it hit the headlines because it produced extreme THC levels. Some results say up to 25% THC. This means for those looking to be knocked out, over load of THC, the Royal Wedding Cake is the strain you’re looking for.

It’s also an Indica dominant strain with a 60/40 split.

Ease your mind with OG Kush

If you’re battling to leave behind the 9-5 stresses at the office, cannabis can help you release them. OG Kush is the perfect, soothing high, that will leave you completely carefree. And in some situations will make you chatty.

But if you’re stressed out – hit some Kush.

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