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Cannabis Grow

Tips for the cannabis outdoor grow season ahead!

As September creeps closer we are all excited to start the outdoor cannabis grow season in the southern hemisphere. Especially if you’ve been holding onto those amazing seeds.

But as with any horticultural endeavour there’s a lot of preparation required to ensure that your cannabis crop yields the biggest buds.

So, what are the best preparation tips you need to follow?

Well, namely:


The first step is to ensure your seed is germinated correctly. As you’d know if you were going into this season as someone who isn’t a novice. There are various methods of germinating seeds. But there are a few criteria that need to be met.  Which are:

  • A dark and humid environment;
  • Temperatures of around 22-25°C;
  • High humidity of around 70 – 90%;
  • Fluorescent lighting or a windowsill;
  • As little handling as possible;
  • And the right pH for potting material, around 5.8-6.2 pH

If your guide says otherwise, they’re wrong. Your seed should show signs of development within 12-36 hours. This variation is due largely to the genetics and breeding of the seed.

As a general rule, when the roots have reached a length of approximately 2-3mm long, you’re ready to plant them. This only matter if you’re using the glass of water method for germination. If you’re germinating them in rock wool or directly in soil. If you are germinating in soil, make sure to pop the seed into a hole that is 10-15mm deep.

After 4-10 days you should see signs for a seedling.

Making sure you’ve germinated the seed properly, means that the plant will grow up strong and healthy.

The next preparation job to undertake is to choose the correct soil, or growing medium.

Correct soil

At the beginning of any season you need to use soil that’s been treated for a new season, or new soil. We’d recommend trying crop rotation, which could mean growing beans in the soil during the off season as they put nitrogen back into the soil.

Or, crop rotation is the practice of planting different crops sequentially on the same plot of land to improve soil health to optimise nutrients in the soil, and combat pest and weed pressure. When planning on a new cannabis grow, it is vital that your soil is healthy.

There are a few factors that make a good cannabis soil namely:


Marijuana loves soil that’s light and loose. These characteristics ensure that there’s good root development, and that enough oxygen gets to the roots.


When it comes to optimising root health of your cannabis plant’s growth you need to ensure that water drains away properly. Water should not pool on top of the soil. If there’s a blockage, it will drown the roots, and eventually killing the plant. This being said, your soil does need to retain moisture.

Water retention

While you don’t want to water log your plant’s roots you do need to retain some water. A good cannabis soil will maintain an optimal balance of water retention and balance.

pH value

For the best results from your cannabis grow, you want to ensure the pH level is at an optimal level. That level for weed is around 6.0 pH. But it is fine if this level varies between 5.8 – 6.3 pH.


When it’s time to place your canna-babies in their new home it’s important to choose wisely.

Sticking it into any old corner won’t do. Firstly, light is your friend. You cannabis baby will want access to as much light as possible. As we’re heading into a new season, you won’t need to be aware of temperature changes like in the winter months. But if you’re using a pot to grow your cannabis in, make sure to use a fabric pot. Our friends at Zootly sell their own range, and trust us they are good.

You also want to ensure there’s no moisture buildup as that can cause mould on the plant. So make sure that there’s a good air flow around the plant. Secondly, make sure that this air flow isn’t a blasting of wind as cannabis plants don’t like to be battered.

If you are using pots, make sure to follow these rules outlined by Zootly:

For the first 0-3 weeks a root cube will do. Then from 2-6 weeks a small 10cm pot will do!

From 6-8 weeks a 10 litre pot will be good. For autoflowers you might want it a little larger at 12 litres.

If you follow these tips you shouldn’t have any issues growing your prized bud this season.


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